In a friendly atmosphere, we welcome you in our large dining room and
on our terrace in the middle of nature. The raw product is our source of creativity, from the earth to the plate. 
Our menu changes every week according to the products we receive. 

Book a table with us

Choose your slot to eat at our restaurant. Don't hesitate to call us if the slots are full - we probably still have some places left.
Team MDG


To reserve a table, or for an event of more than 10 people, please contact the restaurant at
+33 2 53 96 72 33

Vegetarian cuisine

We offer vegetarian options on every menu, all year round.

On the plate

A short circuit cuisine, committed and generous directly from the fields of the region. Our menu changes regularly according to the season, the products and the weather conditions.


Our menu is created according to seasonal organic or untreated products. 

Opening hours

The restaurant is open from March to mid-December.
Ouverture du mercredi au dimanche de 12h15 à 14h30 et de 19h à 21h
Ouvert de 12h15 à 21h le week-end
We welcome you all day long to enjoy lunch, a snack, an aperitif or dinner! 

Dishes - Starters

We offer starters from 8€ to 10€. Dishes from 16€ to 22€.


All the sweets you'll find during your meals and snacks are 100% homemade. We offer desserts from 8€ to 10€.


Most of our syrups are home-made. We use herbs and spices from our garden (mint, arquebuse, lemon balm...). We also make fermented beverages such as kefir and kombucha, which we are particularly fond of. 

Déjà vu à la carte


Glazed turnips, peas and broad beans, yogurt, rhubarb pickles, almond praline, mint, blackberries // Grilled and marinated zucchini, oregano, fromage frais, forest honey // Green bean tempura, sweet and sour beet sauce, savory, crunchy beet shavings.


ORGANIC Porchetta stuffed with herbs, roasted zucchini, 100% homemade pesto, pea cream and tarragon sauce. // Roasted pork loin with vitello-style lovage, tomato and oregano sauce, green mayonnaise and pickles, roasted zucchini and potatoes. // Granvillaise clams, buckwheat, snacked chard, braised fennel with pastis.


Veggie bowl, bulgur, spelt and buckwheat, crunchy vegetable tagliatelle, roasted tomatoes, fresh goat's cheese // Sumac-roasted eggplant, eggplant caviar, cherry jelly, crunchy pickled cucumbers, sheep's feta, savory crumble, roasted carrots // Zucchini stuffed with faisselle and walnuts, zucchini coulis, parsley sponge cake, carrot pickles, redcurrants.


Éclair craquelin cacao/tonka, chocolate mousse, strawberries and rosemary, crunchy chocolate. // Mousse caramel, fleur de sel, salted butter caramel, shortbread, basil/lemon jelly. // Sablé cacao, vanilla mascarpone, salted butter caramel.

Our land

We are proud to support our local producers and winemakers who work hard every day.