Throughout the year, we offer day/evening events at the Maison du Gasseau. You will also find exhibitions and concerts at the Domaine this year.


Wing (Jazz)

A voice, a piano, sometimes a bass, sometimes a double bass, and original songs. This is the formula of the Wing trio, formed on the initiative of pianist and composer Thibaud Boustany. The musicians of this Tourangeau trio offer intimate, colorful jazz, with poetic themes and playful, melodic improvisations.

Blue Butter Pot (Garage rock)

When asked about common influences, Ray and Oliv cite Led Zepp. These devils don't just play the devil's music, even if it can be found in the chord grids or in the spirit of many of their tracks. The dented image of old Seasick Steve also hovers over them. And Jack White [...]

Concert Hop Hop Hop Crew

On Friday, July 21, 2023, come and enjoy a 1h30 concert by Hop Hop Hop Crew, accompanied by antipasti (plates to share) from Maison du Gasseau. These 6 musicians, from all musical horizons, combine their influences in personal compositions with the sounds of Eastern European music, in an explosive groove. [...]

Ton Zinc (French chanson - Hip Hop)

The enfant terrible of French chanson! On stage or in the audience, saxophone, accordion and violin weave their web and settle on a sharp rhythm section that supports lyrics that fi slow and defiantly slow at the speed of the wind, a little teasing and hitting where it hurts [...].

Les Fins des Siècles (Celtic neo-trad)

With their maritime and Celtic neo-trad repertoire, this crew from Caen set sail with their sassy style and boundless energy. Banjo, fiddle, harmonica and clarinet compete with double bass and guitar, and all voices mingle to sing songs to be taken up again or celebrate the heroic figures of famous [...].

Me and My Friends (English Folk)

Me and My Friends is characterized by a unique and singular blend, the sound of a head-on collision of English folk with the golden age of West African and West Indian music of the 70s. Bound together by a mutual love of the vintage, sun-drenched sounds of Afrobeat, Soukous, Highlife and the West Indies, [...].

Theater Evening - Antipasti

On Saturday, August 12, 2023, starting at 7:00 pm, come and enjoy an evening of theater with antipasti (plates to share) from Maison du Gasseau. Enjoy a farce paysanne: LE TESTAMENT DU PÈRE LELEU by Roger Martin du Gard, starring Florence Limon, Stephan Hersoen and Antonin Gitton Ovadia. Produced by [...]

Georges Bûche (Folk - Pop)

To the sound of vocals, guitars, banjo, mandolin, double bass and percussion, the group shares a warm, intimate folk sound, tinged with the pop influence that has marked their musical journey, without sacrificing the simplicity and freshness of traditional American music.  

Burger Airport (Jazz fusion funk)

A trio with an assertive groove, as Christian d'Asfeld, the band's keyboardist and composer, likes to define it, distilling a joyful cocktail of references to the 1960s and 80s, sprinkled with disco and trip hop, all underpinned by the implacable rhythm of Touraine's Guylain Siopathis (bass) and Morgan Cornebert (drums).  

Berikely & Zama (World music)

Berikely & Zama is a new Franco-Malagasy band made up of 4 musicians and singers brought together around Berikely, Madagascan songwriter, singer and player of the kabossy, Madagascar's emblematic guitar. It's a meeting of musicians with very different backgrounds, but with one thing in common: a love of mixed music.  

Salon du bien-être

La Maison du Gasseau, Gîte - Hôtel Restaurant, organise le salon du bien-être ce week-end : conférences, ateliers, soins énergétiques... Samedi 23 septembre 10h30 - Emilie Rey-Corral : Atelier Sophro-Balades (1h30) 10h30 - Claude Coutet : Conférence La maïeusthesie. 11h - Soiléna : Atelier Chant spontané, Indiens, Lantras (1h) 14h - Nadine Susani : Atelier […]

Voyage sonore yoga brunch

NOUVEL EVENEMENT SAMEDI 14 OCTOBRE  Un duo de voyage sonore & Hatha Yoga suivi d'un brunch 100% maison  Co organisé avec Yann Boudehent, professeur de Yoga et Sonothérapeute à Alençon (deuxième édition avec Yann !) Yann s'est formé à plusieurs formes de Yoga en France et au Népal pour transmettre une pratique complète basée sur […]


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